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    Question One Top App Usage report for all devices of a single user?


    I would like to create a single report which shows me the Top App Usage for all devices used by a single person that has multiple devices.

    I thought I could just use the "Top App Usage" report and then add a "Hostname" condition where I add the hostnames of all 3 devices. But I can't get that to work - also tried a condition per hostname but that does not work either (blank report).

    Anyone an idea how I could do that?
    Or do I need to create 1 report per device which would be kinda annoying and hard to read.

    Thank you!

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    Okay, I figured it out.
    Under "Devices" I manually assign the same username to all devices of that user.
    And then in the report I use username instead of hostname.

    One thing to look out for.
    the "username" value for the condition has to be lowercase. So even if you entered "David" as username under Devices, you must enter "david" as username for the condition value or it will not work!!!
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