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    Question Web Category to web_filter_category_id

    New Untangle home user here. There was a closed thread ( that I'd like to help @fasttech out on, but ask for additional help from the company/community.

    If you have the Web Advertisements category blocked, it tends to take over your report charts. So in an attempt to exclude this category from a report, one might try to add "Web Category (web_filter_category_id)" with a "!=", "is not", or "is not in" statement, and type "Web Advertisements" into the field. However, when you attempt to preview that change, you get an exception message, "java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to query database." As @sky-knight suggested in the other thread, this just means there's an error in the filters you put in.

    See exception.png attachment (I can't yet post pictures in-line as a new forum member).

    After messing with several variations, quotes, etc, I went back to a default report and used the global filters. I picked a pie chart and selected Web Advertisements and added to the global filter. If I clicked on the filter, I saw a category ID of 52, not the words as expected. I tried adding an exclusion again and used 52 instead of "Web Advertisements" and success, it worked!

    See category_to_number.png attachment.

    So my question/request for help is: Is this the expected method to reference web filter categories? If so, is there a mapping somewhere we can reference? I'd prefer to reference the category name and not a number, but if the mapping chart was included in the manual that would be an acceptable work-around.
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