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    Default Untangle Reports suggestion

    Let me start by saying that so far I really like Untangle. It's proving to be more reliable than IpCop was. Everything that I was trying to do with IpCop, mostly through firewall rules, I've been able to do with all the rack applications. The funny thing is now I don't need to use the firewall app.
    There are a few features of IpCop that I miss, like the update accelerator addon and the report graphs that cover a wider time span.
    I like the reports but is would be nice to see a graph of activity over a week, month, year where the activity is shown over the whole span of time and not summed over a 24 hour period.Although this is usefull for determinig daily peaks it doesn't provide weekly, monthly or yearly peaks.
    A realtime view of the current days activity would also be useful to determine when a problem occured.
    I'd love to see some of these features added to untangle in the future but I'm happy with the improved performance over IpCop.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!
    :cool: iceman

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    This is only a general off-the-hip comment. Both of the features requested here could affect hardware requirements and performance. Update accelerator is effectively adding caching capabilities. The extent of caching desired and number of users supported are both factors that dictate larger disk storage and a small number of CPU cycles. Increased report durations would require larger disk storage as well as CPU cycles for analytics. A real-time view could take a lot of CPU cycles, depending on the size of the user base behind the Untangle box. They're both good ideas!

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