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    Default Report Details empty on Edge when using hostname in URL

    Is there a fix to the empty report details results when using Edge (probably all Chrome based browsers)?

    I know the workaround is to use a non-chrome based browser like Firefox. Found other forum entries where usings on Chrome have same issue and that was their workaround. But, it doesn't fix the problem.

    All Reports works fine using Firefox.
    All Report graphs and usage reports work fine (even on Edge browser)
    There are no problems when using the IP address as the URL (e.g.,

    Problem arises when using the URL in the format of the hostname/domain name from Network-->Hostname. For example, https: // (assuming I own the domain for and it's SSL certificate is valid).

    Problem is on detail type reports such as "All Web Events" or "Scanned Web Events". All detail reports come up empty. The graphs and summary reports are still present.

    Ports 443 and 80 are still the configured access method
    Access to admin capabilities is limited to non-WAN
    Tried the "Allow HTTPS on WANs" even though I'm initiating request internally, and that didn't change results

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    Works fine on the LAN behind the NGFW going to the domain name for me on all three browsers, Edge, Firefox, Chrome. Make sure the domain name is pointing to the WAN IP. LAN IP is not valid for SSL certs.
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    Thanks for the response. Since Edge worked for you, then it must be me. So, found Edge does work with other computers on my network, even other profile on the same computer having issue. Just not the main Computer / Windows profile I use. Must be my problem alone. Thanks!
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