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    Default No reports in Untangle


    I have evaluated Untangle for a couple of weeks now and I must say that I do like it very much.

    I however have two issues. First is with reports. I am running two firewalls in parallel, one of which is the Untangle server. I have a handful of PCs using the Untangle server to get to the internet. I have been running like now for atleast a week and I get no reports. No reports are generated and I have the server configured to produce daily reports.

    Second, sluggishness. When first booted the server runs fine. I have the following in my rack:
    Spam Blocker
    Phish Blocker
    Spyware Blocker
    Web Filter
    Virus Blocker
    Untangle Reports

    The server runs optimally for the most part. However after a day or two of usage and also accessing my virtual rack remotely via HTTPS my box seems to drag down to a crawl. Everything is extremely slow to the point I have to power it off and back on. I have tried to bring up a prompt just to run top to see what is going on but it is too slow for that. Here is my configuration:

    IBM S50 P4 3.6GHz Dual Core / 1 GB memory
    80GB HDD


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    As for the reports, check out this site:
    https:address of untange/reports/archive
    That should have the archive if anything is being generated, just to make sure.
    What version of Untangle are you running?

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    Hi - Define sluggish? (Since its a subjective word) in the sense

    Are you seeing slowness on outbound traffic to a specific site?
    On inbound traffic?
    Slowness launching the Admin client? (can you do a poor man's count from time of launch to time you can actually log in)

    _ Any_ quantified measurable statements would be extremely helpful.

    Can you provide the following information for us to compare;
    Start box -perform
    After two days perform the same test


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    Thanks for the responses. I believe that my problem is hardware specific. I have another Untangle box (Thinkpad laptop) that is built which gives no problems whatsoever albeit it is a slower box in terms of hardware configuration. I will see in a couple of days if I experience a problem with lock-ups. As far as reports I can view reports just fine. I don't think any reports was ever generated on the other box. Even if I tried to edit a file via vi editor I lockup on occassion and a power off is needed.

    At this point I am running off of my laptop with no issues and I will work off of that for a few days.

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