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    Question Untangle with Dual coreswitch

    Hi all,

    I have one Untangle and 2 Cisco switches in a stack, acting as one switch. I want Untangle to use 1 uplink for WAN, and two 10gig uplinks to the stack.

    below a brief diagram

    Untitled Diagram.png

    Am i able to create some sort of automatic failover when one of the switches fails?

    Can i create a LACP? Otherwise i want to have one connection active and the other one passive, waiting to come online.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Untangle cannot do that... but your switches are layer 3 capable. So what I'd do, is make the Cisco's handle the swapping. Configure Untangle with two separate small networks, dedicated to each direct switch connection. And then the Cisco's have a failover route to use the 2nd egress point.

    I've seen this done, but never done it myself... so I'm afraid I cannot get more specific.

    An alternate, possibly easier means... would be to simply bridge the 2nd interface to the first on Untangle... That should work, if STP is enabled.

    But sadly, Untangle doesn't support any form of LAG. Though, you could wrap it in vSphere and do it there.
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