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    Default SD-Wan e6 v1.3 and PPPoE Account Bug

    While attempting to configure a PPPoE connection on one of the WAN interfaces I received below in an error screen.
    A ticket was opened Friday, Aug 8th and support has acknowledged the bug, but the issue remains unresolved.

    If you require a PPPoE connection to access the internet, BEWARE!

    pppoe error.png

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    Here's a status on this issue. After you pointed this out to us, our engineering team dug in and found the problem. It has now been fixed and has gone over to our QA team for testing. Once we get QA blessing, we'll provide a build to get you back up and running. This is a top priority to us, and our team are working quickly to get this fix out to you.

    We appreciate your feedback, and thank you for your patience as we fix this and get you back on track.
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