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    Arrow WAN pass trough LAN port

    I want to setup and test router in my office before installing them.
    I have a ethernet connection dedicated for this purpose and used to use a 2nd land port on my UniFi Pro router.

    On my new Untangled router I also have connected this ethernet connection from a LAN port with its own DHCP range. Unfortunately I have some trouble enabling and testing all the functions of the hardware that I am testing. I have tried various things but non worked.

    Any advice how I can “connect” this dedicated LAN port to the WAN without further interference of the awesome capabilities of Untangled?

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    That sounds like setting up a dmz to me. Search for that maybe.

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    I want to help but I've read the OP three times and my brain is only interpreting Jeff Foxworthy saying "Do what? Where there any words in that?"

    If your goal is to test Untangle before it's deployed at another site, you need to connect the new Untangle's External to your LAN and have it get an IP address via DHCP. Then you plug a laptop or something into that Untangle's internal interface and go to town. At least that's what I do.

    In my case I have two Untangle servers in play at that moment, the one that runs my network and another that's in testing. If I want to ensure the testing unit isn't getting filtered by the one that protects me I make a bypass rule for the IP the test unit is using. I could dedicate an interface on my primary Untangle for that purpose I've just never cared to. It's just another static interface with DHCP and now a bypass rule for anything sourced from that interface.
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