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  1. Awesome, thanks.

    Awesome, thanks.
  2. Need to exclude device from license use


    How do i create a bypass rule to exclude a device (Ex: printers, web cams) from being used as a licensed device.

    Should the rule say Destination address or Source address?

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    New Signatures for v13

    Does anyone have the new signatures for v13. It doesn't look like signatures from v12 works?

  4. That sucks. Since the whole purpose of the backup...

    That sucks. Since the whole purpose of the backup line is just that, be a backup line (It just sits there, waiting, until the main line fails and then, Work) . It cant be on a different subnet since...
  5. WAN Failover - Main Fibre Line and 1 Backup ADSL Line

    Hi, Im trying to configure the WAN Failover. There is 3 Network Cards in our untangle server.
    1 Goes to the Internal Network.
    1 Is connected to our Main Fibre router.
    1 Is connected to our backup...
  6. Poll: Update

    Update: I have been able to block the following on iOS using Web Filter Lite

    Apple App Store Browsing : URL:
    Apple App Store App Downloads:

    Have not tested...
  7. Poll: Block Apple iOS Updates and Application Apdates

    Good day,

    I need to block apple iOS updates and Apple application downloads and updates.
    Same with Android devices.

    I need a signature to do this with Application Control Lite.
    Its to...
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