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    set elapsed time limits by category for kids

    have searched the forums and can't find much on this topic, which seems like it should be a common problem

    I'm using an Untangle z4 appliance with HomePro

    I'm looking for a way to configure...
  2. Anyone figure out how to have Zoom traffic bypass Tunnel VPN?

    I have Tunnel VPN configured as a whole-house VPN.

    With now 5 of us working from home during COVID I would like to configure so that Zoom meetings (on everyone's computers) bypass the VPN. This...
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    Where can I find instructions on how to configure...

    Where can I find instructions on how to configure Policy Manager to accomplish the stated goal (=establish a downtime schedule were web access is blocked)?
  4. my new z4 appliance fails to upgrade with "Downloading Upgrades Failed" message

    Newbie here.

    I purchased and installed a z4 appliance a few days ago. Since installation, the device has shown that there are firmware upgrades available. I have it set to auto-install every...
  5. Thank You! Related Q, do you know if TunnelVPN...

    Thank You!

    Related Q, do you know if TunnelVPN will allow me to exclude some content from VPN?

    Ideally I'd like to VPN-protect my family's web browsing, email, chat, etc. but not streaming...
  6. can I configure Untangle as a whole house VPN router?


    I am looking at the z4 and am wondering if I would be able to configure this as an outgoing VPN to use for my home. E.g. all my home internet traffic would be through a VPN on this...
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