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  1. Untangle 13 and Windows Server 2016

    Hello guys,

    I have been using Untangle 12.X under Windows Server 2016 installed as a Virtual machine without any issued for about 8 months now

    I tried to create a new Virtual Machine with...
  2. Don't understand why is not working

    Hi guys

    Very simple set-up over here, Bell Fiber connection going directly from ONT to Untangle

    Untangle acts as DHCP for the rest of the network

    I cannot connect to OPENVPN via...
  3. Replies

    PPPoE over VLAN


    I did searched the forums and I didn't found a definitive answer.

    My goal set-up is relative simple ONT> WAN on untangle > LAN from untangle goes to airport extreme.

    I have Fiber to the...
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