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  1. Captive Portal: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG error

    Hi Guys
    I activate my Captive portal today.

    I checked and saved to capture all non wan traffic

    I have SSL Inspector enabled too and the others Applications are default.

    After I activate...
  2. Pass Sites: How to pass some sites categori if the master site was blcoked?

    Hi Guys!

    I configured Web Filter to block and it works nice.

    Then I configured Pass Sites to but it still...
  3. Web Filter: Not Blocking Adult after remove block and configure it again.

    Hi Guys.
    Today I tested the access to adult website using my Notebook, because the Default configuration block this.

    I tried to access and received a a Untangle Web Page blocking...
  4. Web Filter: Only one device was blocked for Streaming and Media

    I have 2 devices connected to my Untangle Firewall, I have SSL Inspector running (with default configurations) and the both web browsers of devices has the certificate installed.

    I tested at...
  5. Thanks! It works for me!:)

    Thanks! It works for me!:)
  6. Thanks! I connected to second interface and...

    Thanks! I connected to second interface and configured my PC to the same network and I accessed the setup wizard.

    But when I change to use the Bridge mode I lost my connection and I tried to...
  7. Unable to access Untangle Setup Wizard after headless install

    I am using a no system video (DM8630) to install Untangle. After found some information in this forum I finally installed the system using the Serial Console and the Text Only install.

    I used...
  8. Why new Organization was created after Firewall install?

    Hi Guys,
    I received an invitation from another colleague to be a admin of his Untangle Command Center account, because I will install some Firewalls for test.

    I logged in Command Center and my...
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