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    Running UT as VM

    I can give you some info/experience I have accumulated by now about running UT as a VM on a virtual server farm.

    It would appear the rule of thumb on this one is actually quite simple. If you plan...
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    Working Well

    Build 2 is working out good, I just noticed a small issue this morning.

    When I've logged in on the admin page, I get this error after about 2 minutes.


    An exception has occurred:
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    Syslog not included ?

    It would seem that syslog also stopped working with version 9.3 ?

    UPDATE-- I found it in the report module. Somehow, this makes more sense...
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    Re-installed fresh version of 9.3 last night. The...

    Re-installed fresh version of 9.3 last night. The following is/was a problem.

    1) The backup file (.backup) I made from my old sustem (9.2) only took partially when I re-installed. It wordked with...
  5. The Step by Step

    Build your MySQL server and configure it. Remember to create the user and table for your syslog server and add permissions for that username.

    Now you can set...
  6. OK, script is done, and works like I wanted it...

    OK, script is done, and works like I wanted it to. I'll post it here, but simply change what you want in it...

    I attached it, since posting is too large
  7. Syslog message script for Kiwi Syslog server

    I'm writing a custom script to help me reformat the data in the syslog messages and then port it in line to a MySQL DB, for later evaluation. I'm doing this because I have a few questions about the...
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