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  1. running untangle lite with a few things..

    hello. I am trying to see if there would be any conflict with me running untangle lite with these programs: avast antivirus, malwarebytes antimalware, super anti-spyware, rkhunter (rootkit hunter)...
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    reformat my entire hard drive

    i have untangle iso file loaded to a cd and it works but it wants to erase my entire hard drive. i don't want to buy a new hd and transfer my old to it for this project, is there some way around...
  3. Thread: g-data

    by nathanielfirst


    will untangle lite interfere with this antivirus prog? anyone plz?
  4. um actually I'll run a dual boot one OS at a...

    um actually I'll run a dual boot one OS at a time, but since this app required a boot CD i was thinking, maybe it runs on a seperate partition. in any case, I would have to select which OS to install...
  5. well, perhaps i know too little about this. i...

    well, perhaps i know too little about this. i have not yet gotten a dual boot but my only goal is, have untangle @ same time as that. so i wonder from this thread, untangle runs on its own prtition,...
  6. untangle lite with a dual boot OS on 2 partitions?

    hello, I was wondering if it is feasible to load untangle lite onto my windows 7
    drive partition only, and not mess with my other OS, kubuntu. would this create
    any problems, can I choose where I...
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