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  1. Untangle API - getActiveDhcpLeases doesn't return same params as in Untangle UI

    In the Untangle UI (Config > Network > DHCP Server) the following fields are available:
    - MAC Address
    - Address
    - Hostname
    - Expiration Time

    However when I run the following API command over...
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    Joined! Can't post for the first 10 mins...

    Joined! Can't post for the first 10 mins...
  3. L2TP - immediate disconnection upon establishing connection

    We have a customer using Untangle and I have previously had L2TP / IPSEC VPN working fine for me to connect in to their site. Now getting the following error as soon as we connect:

    Aug 15 10:59:23...
  4. I mentioned that Draytek does a "session based...

    I mentioned that Draytek does a "session based aggregation", I understand it doesn't double your speed in the truest sense.

    So are you suggesting that I only configure the Draytek to forward...
  5. Fixed this, I had not used the FQDN of the domain...

    Fixed this, I had not used the FQDN of the domain under the field "Domain". Also, not sure if this was related and didn't test, but I changed the DNS settings of Untangle's external interface to...
  6. When you reach licence limit, additional devices are bypassed

    I spoke recently with an Untangle sales tech, and asked him about licensing in detail.

    He explained device bypassing to me (e.g. how to bypass things like printers from the web filter, so as not...
  7. Thanks for confirming. I hope Untangle develops...

    Thanks for confirming. I hope Untangle develops more powerful web filtering rules in the future... for now I'll just maintain lots of rule sets!
  8. Directory Connector - User Notification API

    I installed the Active Directory Login Monitor, and I seem to have the User Notification API working as usernames are showing up in Untangle.

    Am I right in thinking that this is somewhat unrelated...
  9. Active Directory - reading groups and users not working

    Apps > Directory Connect > Active Directory tab.

    I add a connection like so:

    Enable: tick
    Domain: DOMAINNAME
    Secure: tick
    No OU filters
    Authentication login: DOMAINNAME\me
  10. Port forwarding, when Untangle is behind a router

    I've read the Port Forwarding Troubleshooting guide and the FAQ.

    However none seem to cover this question.

    Right now I have Untangle set up in bridged mode, behind a Draytek router. The reason...
  11. Granular control over web filtering

    In Policy Manager, I have set up a child policy called "Teachers" which I intend to apply to members of an Active Directory group for teaching staff. I see this allows you to either completely...
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