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  1. Custom Policy for a School Specifiy Multiple Range of IPs?

    Hello, Im creating a Creating a Custom Policy for a School.
    I set a range of ips say ( on a Teacher Rack polocy. On...
  2. Change the Filter "Splashwallpaper" at block

    How would you go about changing/adding the Untangle "splash screen" when you get blocked via Webfilter, Spyware block screen. We would like to add to it and maybe put some sort of logos on it.
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    Untangle vrs Lightspeed Systems

    :) May I start by stating how great you product is. We are incorporating and Untangle box to eventally replace our Lightspeed Windows box. You guys are close but there are two options were...
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    Dell Poweredge 8450 close install!

    Have installed Untangle on a Poweredge 8450. First off all the Factory CDrom has to be swapped with a IBM basic reader that I had. The problem is that when it installs and then reboots normally andI...
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