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  1. Apple Configurator 2 - Always on IKEv2 VPN for device filtering

    It took me awhile to get the right settings, so I thought I would share. I have a 14 year old, and my ex-wife decided to get him an unrestricted iPhone. Since the cellular connection totally...
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    So, I didn't troubleshoot that very well before...

    So, I didn't troubleshoot that very well before posting. It's something to do with a browser cache. The condition exists in Safari, but not in Chrome (I'm on a Mac).
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    All reports with EVENTS are blank

    Using build I am attempting to troubleshoot an issue whereby rules denying Internet access to some devices (kid's iPads) are no longer working properly...
  4. USB NIC Support Required

    My AX88179 based USB 3.0 adapter just stopped working as well. This is critical for my installation, as the system board I used in building the firewall has two NICs, but soon after deployment, I...
  5. Custom Application 'definition' to graph custom traffic (to/from Plex server)

    Has anyone introduced custom definitions to Untangle to graph specific traffic? I'm thinking this may be possible with the Application module, but I'm not sure how exactly to go about it. I want to...
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