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  1. After a bit of tinkering, found how to replicate...

    After a bit of tinkering, found how to replicate the issue,
    the issue appears whenever the untangle is restarted,
    so guess in the meantime ill have to set a rule that sets the tag tunnel on host on...
  2. possible bug releted to tunneling a tagged host

    let me start of with, i know how to fix the bug, but not how to reproduce it.
    the setup works normally, all tunnels say they are connected and there are no errors in the log.
    the problem occurs...
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    First of all, Thank you for the response I have...

    First of all, Thank you for the response
    I have tried completly dissabeling the firewal on my local windows machine, and voila! ,everything seems to be working now...
    The thought that the problem...
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    Correct way of bridging 2 subnets

    so first of, im running Untangle as a vm under proxmox,
    im passing in a 2 port pci-e nic, where one is External and other that is Internal(subnet
    and a 1 virtual device that is labeled...
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    QOS Priorities Issue (unsure if bug)

    untangle version: 16.2.2

    if this is not the correct place for the post please contact me, would gladly move it to the correct place

    there are 2 issues present,
    1:when setting all of the...
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