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  1. OK thanks, will give that try!

    OK thanks, will give that try!
  2. Unable to View Some Reports Using [untangle ip]/reports


    Experiencing a Reports issue with a few Untangles running 13.1.

    Scenario A: A user can access Reports via, but when they click on some of the reports, nothing is...
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    OK, thanks. I found another article after...

    OK, thanks. I found another article after posting this and added the user's email address to the list of quarantinable addresses in UT Config/Email and will see if that helps.
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    One user not getting quarantine digest


    Our UT sits at the permiter and Exchange server behind it. The UT scans SMTP for spam as it comes in and works well for all users except one. This one user on the LAN (confiured for...
  5. I agree YeOlde. Management wants to know "Who is...

    I agree YeOlde. Management wants to know "Who is on and how long are they on it?"

    I can't seem to extract this information for management at all...
  6. Bandwidth Control Reports: Top Users versus Hosts


    Just started to eval BC and like what I see so far but have what's most likely a simple question. In the BC reports, what's the difference between Top Bandwidth Hosts versus Top Bandwidth...
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    Thanks Proactivens .. you rock! I will review...

    Thanks Proactivens .. you rock!

    I will review your hack and give it a try ....
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    Thank-you for the quick reply. It would be...

    Thank-you for the quick reply.

    It would be nice if the Untangle could do like a Windows Server and APC PowerChute with a UPS serial or USB monitoring cable:

    Part 1: during an extended...
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    UPS/Battery Backup and Untangle


    I've had a couple of situations where there was a general power failure at a remote Untangle site and the Untangle unit was not able to recover. Is there any way to put an Untangle on a UPS...
  10. Thanks for the info - The main site has a static...

    Thanks for the info - The main site has a static IP but the remote site has Business DSL service without a static IP. Should the remote site also get a static IP?
  11. Dropped RDP Connections via OpenVPN Tunnel Using Untangles at Server & Client sides


    I recently setup a couple of Untangles at a main office and small remote office so the the remote office can RDP into the terminal server at the main office via vpn. It's all setup and seems...
  12. OK, thank you

    OK, thank you
  13. Why Does Virus Blocker block some infected messages but not all?

    Have an Untangle 7.2 unit setup and noticed that a large blast of infected email messages came in via SMTP over the weekend. The UT seems to have blocked most of these infected messages, but a few...
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    Simply Accounting Updates


    I'm using a UT 6.2 box and use Simply Accounting Pro 2009. It goes out and checks for updates and patches and when say OK to download/install them, it gets to about 91% and fails. I am able...
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    Install Untangle on Astaro Hardware?

    I replaced an Astaro model 220 (rack mount, 8 nics) with an Untangle box due to the excessive cost and unreliable support from Astaro. I was wondering .. can Untangle be installed on this Astaro...
  16. Unable to resolve hosts after connection client

    Hey there;

    I just started playing with the Untangle OpenVPN and configured it as a server. I then added a client and distributed the client and I'm connecting fine. However, I can't seem to...
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    UT 5.4 Box not upgrading to 6.0x

    I have a paid for (Pro package) Untangle 5.4 router setup and want to upgrade to 6.0x. Automatic upgrade is ENABLED, and there's a list of updates on the update page, but the box is not getting...
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    Untangle In Bridge Mode

    This may be a dumb question, but I need some help with setting up an UT in bridge mode.

    I'm comfortable setting it up in router mode (ext interface goes to Internet, internal is on LAN), but...
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    Untangle and Terminal Server

    I have an UT box acting as my router/firewall and everything else. I have a Term Server behind the UT and use port fwd to allow remote users to connect to it. I have the Active Directory Connector...
  20. Feature Request - Add Delete button to bottom of Email Quarantine Page

    Add a Delete button to the BOTTOM of the email quarantine review page so the user doesn't have to scroll back to the top of the page to click Delete.
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