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    Default How to restart SPAM Blocker via command line?


    I have been away from UT forums for a while, the reason is because UT is very stable product uptime = 181 days.

    I was wondering if someone know how to restart SPAM Blocker via command line?

    I hope it is something simple like /etc/init.d/spam blocker restart ???

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    Nope, but close

    ucli instances

    That will list all of the node applications

    The spam blocker is untangle-node-spamassassin

    Get the instance number that matches the specific spam module you want to manipulate. If you have multiple virtual racks, you will have multiple listed and have to grab the one for the appropriate rack.

    Once you have the instance number it's

    ucli stop *instancenumber*
    ucli start *instancenumber*

    The instance numbers can change any time the UVM service itself is stopped and started.
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