I'm hoping some Untangle Guru's can give me a hand with this one.

I've been using UT for some time now and i usually dont have any problems until now.

I've set up a new UT box for a client, simply using the Lite version of the package. Everything installed fine and i set it all up in the usual fashion. The spam stopped almost instantly and the users were all happy. This was on the 23/03/2011. Now 1 week later, I have some users complaining about getting through spam. Not the odd marketing email but pure 100% spam. Viagra, Watches etc etc.

I jumped on to the box and had a quick look at the spam settings. I have mine set like this:

Strength: 1.8
Action: Quarantine
Drop Super Spam: YES
Super Spam Threshold: 20

Advanced SMTP Configuration
Enable Tarpitting: YES
Add Email Headers: YES
Close Connection on Scan Failure: YES
Scan Outbound (WAN) SMTP: YES

I then scrolled to the bottom of the page to have a look at when last the spam blocker had updated itself when i saw this:

Spam Blocker last checked for updates: 2011-03-30 9:57:31 am
Spam Blocker was last updated: 2011-03-23 5:43:13 pm

I've rebooted the UT box since then, gone into the upgrade section and checked for upgrades. Nothing new to download or install. I've set up 2 other boxes on the 24/03/2011, 1 day after i set this one up and i have checked them both. Their spam blockers are updating as of 30/03/2011.

Any help or insight would be great.