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    Default outbound mail getting zapped by tarpitting

    I have one domain that i am testing to use on Ut and if all goes well i will bring all the hosting back to inhouse,

    when ever i send an email whether it be from my ipad, cell phone, or what ever using the domain that is behind the UT spam blocker, it is zapped by,

    one is why is all this being zapped, there just test messages and do not contain any links or anything just simple words to test

    two where to i define what spam utilities are being used as in spamhause and or additional ones

    the counts for mail are

    Messages Rec'd 186
    Messages Passed 34
    Messages Dropped 152
    Messages Marked 0

    now is this incoming and outgoing messages that are being counted in he messages dropped, I am almost going to assume that it is cause i have not disabled the scan was outboud email check box,

    thank you
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    I would return to the defaults.
    If you are unsure what you changed you can remove the app from the rack and install it again and it will have the default settings.
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