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    What was the fix? The 'Message Size Limit' setting? I am still getting messages scored super low that are blatant spam. Unless I want to set my Strength to 0, these will continue getting passed along. My event log isn't showing the blatant spam as being oversized...are you running your own public DNS server as sky-night seems to always suggest to people?

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    Slightly different. Everything getting blocked. I haven't really changed any thing except for scan outgoing. Around Friday Dec 19th, everything started getting 0 score and getting blocked.ut.JPG

    I have turned SPAM blocker off for now. And we are using our own DNS and the DNSBL script is a 100% passed all the time. How to fix???

    Nevermind, rebooted and it's working now. Not sure what that was all about. Hope it doesn't happen again!!!
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