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    Default port forward to external mail server?

    I am using an online site hosting service and i can not put the email server behind my untagle box. Is it possible to do some fancy port forwarding and get this untangle box to filter for this server?

    I've been thinking about it so far and this is what I've come up with.

    1. Point EasyDNS mail server to the Untangle box.
    2. configure Untangle box with a public IP and port forward to another internal IP.
    3. Internal IP will be a Mikrotik Router and it will port forward back out to the external email server.


    1. Point EasyDNS mail server to the Mikrotik Router.
    2. Put Untangle box in between Mikrotik Router and Internet.
    3. Have Mikrotik Router port forward back to the external mail server.

    Does anyone else think this can work?

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    I take it you're not fetching mail with POP or IMAP? Spam Blocker can tag either one. If you're using webmail or RPC then I can see why you might want to do this.

    I don't see anything wrong with the concept, though many routers won't allow you to do this, consumer routers anyway. Also, you're going to chew up some additional bandwidth since the data is going to bounce back a forth a few times through your router(s).

    External --> Untangle --> Mikrotik --> Mail Host --> Mail client
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    edit: nevermind this comment - it was stupid.
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    Get hosting with filters that work!


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