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    Default Spam messages still passing. Can I train the Spam Filter Lite???

    I'm using a Untangle Filter Lite since april this year. Lately, I've noticed there are still messages that are passing, even the Spam Filter Lite is marking them as SPAM (for instance this morning a 3.9 scored message passed and landed in a mailbox on the server). Some of the messages contain "[VIRUS]" in the Subject. For the moment all I can do is mark them as Junk from the Outlook client, but I have about 50 coworkers and not all of them are so skilled that to avoid a virus caused problem. My current Scan SMTP Strenght is set to Medium (4.3). I sthere a way to teach or train the app to be more effective on SPAM detection? Thank you.

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    Do this:

    Fix any failures that pop up. The app trains itself, but there are many cases where several of the white or black lists flat don't work for you. You'll need a DNS server that isn't commonly used if you want to use the Spam Blocker modules. I ended up having to host my own DNS cache in the cloud, and redirecting spamhaus, dnswl, and sorbs lookups to it.

    The module may be free, but supporting it is the hardest thing you'll ever do with Untangle.
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