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    Default 3gb transfered out from Exchange in 24 hours?

    I have an exchange server which has transfered out over 3gbs of data to another mail server. If I put untangle infront of the exchange server and point all smtp traffic to it will it allow me to analyze the data being transfered to the other email server or would I be better off using a packet sniffer?

    Note: Exchange will show me all connections in the ques but do not show me the corresponding IP's to differentiate. That is why I am looking at untangle to help with this.


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    I don't think Untangle is what you need. As you mention, a packet sniffer is the best tool to use in your case.
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    Just out of curiosity could you be facing an NDR attack? I had that problem when my Exchange server was initially set up. Once I realized why I had 25,000 outbound mail queus from postmaster that had undeliverable messages I knew something was up. That could potentially generate a lot of extra traffic as Exchange tries to connect to nonexistant exteral mail servers, fails, and retrys a few minutes later.

    Just an idea, no real proof from your description, but that is a lot of traffic for email.

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