Just to keep 6.0 feedback about certain operations in it's topical area.

I mentioned before it would be good to have instructions like before on the quarantine request page and maybe even on the spam management page itself even as a help link popup.

To me it would be also good to still have at least a number of quarantined emails in the quarantine notification email. If there are two quarantined emails, I don't want to waste time going and deleting them. I did kind of like seeing the first 20 or whatever, but it's not imperative.

In IE 6.0 ( cause I really can't use 7.0 for some websites ) the emails deleted notification message at the top is at the right and it's shadow is at the left, no big deal though.

Seems that so far the problem of Outlook Express not being able to send on the first try is working now from outside of the network. I've put a firewall rule in from inside the network to pass port 25. My UT sits in front of the mail server which is Imail.