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    You need to change FAIL to open. Which I thought Untangle changed to be default on all installs but if you are using 7.0 then I guess it's not the default anymore.

    I had to change mine to open from closed because when the SPAM blocker module has become overwhelmed with SPAM messages to score then it releases those messages and if you have FAIL set to closed then those messages are dropped and lost forever. Changing FAIL to open will automatically pass those messages when the module can't handle & score all messages.

    Here are the instructions I was given by an Untangle Support Rep:

    To set it to fail open:

    Run these from the command line on the Untangle Box itself, so in Linux.

    psql -U postgres uvm UPDATE settings.n_spam_smtp_config SET fail_closed = false;

    On average my company receives 729.20 spam messages per hour, which clearly the SPAM module may not be able to handle because I still to this day get lots of scores of 0 that are clearly SPAM.
    I'd like to know from an official Rep at Untangle what the SPAM Blocking Module is capable of handling per hour.

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    If you set Fail to CLOSE, it means that a signal will be send to the SMTP sender to resend the message. The message is NOT dropped
    Juan Machado

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