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    Default cannot install commtouch spam booster


    I want to turn up the spam removal a bit and was going to purchase the Commtouch Spam Booster. I'm sure I tried the trial back in the day...

    My only option is to "install" and when I do it's just in an infinite loading loop that gets no where. Tried this on a few different browsers and we even rebooted a few weeks ago for the first time in almost a year (due to maintenance needs).

    Any suggestions?

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    Please give support a call @ 408-598-4299 option 2.

    Big Frickin Disclaimer:
    While I'm pretty sure, I can't guarantee that I know what I'm doing. There might be a better way to do this, and this way might actually suck. Make sure you understand the implications of what you're doing before trying to follow these directions.

    It often helps troubleshooting if you have a good network map. Look here if you want my advice on how to draw one.
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