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    Default Configure Exchange 2010

    When I am in Untangle I want to send some emails from Quarantine back to the in box in Exchange 2010 because they are good. Then add them to safe list. When I try this the emails never make it back to Exchange. Do I need to setup Untangle to communicate somehow with Exchange. Do I need to make changes to the Receive connector in Exchange. Please give me the steps on how I setup Untangle so it will communicate with My main Server running Exchange 2010.

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    You probably need to configure the email sending settings located in config > email

    by default they try to send mail directly which is blocked by some ISPs.
    you may need to configure your exchange server as a relay.

    Use the email test to test your configuration.
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    If your Exchange server is behind Untangle, try using the internal IP address of the server. If Untangle is at the edge and forwarding in, local traffic doesn't always behave in a predicable way, you can work around these issues by simply using the internal address of the server.

    You shouldn't have to do anything special to exchange, unless you're trying to send mail to domains outside of what Exchange hosts.
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