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    Post Emails missing from All Email Events Spam Report

    Hi everyone,
    Some spam emails have recently been getting through the Untangle system and into our Inboxes.
    I wanted to look these emails up in the Spam Blocker report (under the All Email Events report) to see what might be happening but when I did I was unable to locate specific messages.
    I am able to see other similar spam messages but just not ones that were delivered straight to a users Inbox.
    Is that normal?
    Would they not show up in the Spam Blocker report because Untangle is not seeing them as Spam or should they appear in the report?
    Is there a report that lists all the incoming emails and how they were treated?

    On a somewhat related topic, I've noticed that some of the spam emails that are being scanned and flagged by Untangle have an address similar to this one, under the Sender field in the All Email Events report for Spam Blocker.
    Is this a regular email address or does it have a more significant meaning?

    Thanks in advance for your help and time.

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    Look at your email server logs and see where/how they are coming in.

    It could be over TLS (if you allow that) or another port or through a vpn or in some other way that they aren't scanned.
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    Thanks dmorris. I took a look and it showed up in the Exchange message log system. I didn't notice anything unusual in the logs, it came from outside via a address from what appears to be a legit site.
    Looking around some more I came across another Untangle forum link that seemed like it was closely matching what I was seeing on my end - (add in https:// to the beginning, it wouldn't let me post the link as I only have one post )
    I have not tried turning on the tarpit to see if that resolved the issue that is going on. Looking at the help document about that setting it seems like it might do the trick or at least help but I'm a little concerned to do it because of the note saying it prevents the super-spam engine from getting useful behavior info. I may end up giving it a try in a bit just to see what happens.

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