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    Default Inspector blocking traffic from (supposedly) Ignored client


    Problem relates to untangle blocking Kindle access to the Amazon store.

    Because the Kindle is unable to install untangles root cert I have set up an Ignore rule so that traffic is not inspected by the HTTPS inspector. However, the Inspector still blocks traffic from the ignored client :

    Screenshot from 2015-11-21 12:23:12.png

    Turning OFF the HTTPS inspector solves the problem, so no other untangle modules are involved.

    Q1. Why is it blocking traffic I;ve told it to Ignore ?
    Q2. Solutiuon ?


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    Answering my own question here...

    Under the configuration section of the Inspector is an option to 'Block Invalid Traffic', if I un-check this, then all is well...

    However, this is a global option (which is bad...), it should be an additional option in the Ignore ruleset, as I don't want to globally allow all invalid trafic, but just on the source IP I want to ignore...

    Feature request ?

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    I would open a support ticket.

    Your screenshot shows that there are a few ignore HTTPS sessions.

    My guess would be that there are also some non-HTTPS stuff going on port 443 that the kindle is doing.
    If its not HTTPS it has a choice to either just allow it or block it, given that it can't parse it.
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