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    Default Unable to save SSL Inspector configuration after clicking on "Configuration" tab (v13

    I have raised a ticket for this already #98203 but

    Has anyone experienced that on v13.0.0 (I'm running it on a Linksys Router) that once you have clicked on SSL Inspector -> Configuration tab, it is then not possible to save the config if you have perviously uploaded a Trusted Certificate?

    I discovered this as I was trying to change the configuration to uncheck "Block Invalid HTTPS Traffic" but not save, (even if I make no changes in that tab but have clicked on the tab to view it and then go to rules and add a rule) clicking on the Save button makes the button depress (so it looks like you have started the save process) but you never get the rotating snake or the "Settings Saved" message.
    Going directly to the Rules tab works and safe acts normally.
    It appears to me that some of the Java in the Configurations tab is causing the Save function do be disabled.

    I have used several browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE, Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS; cleared cache, rebooted both the router and the clients but it always exhibits the same failure.

    NOTE: I can make the Save function work by removing all Trusted Certificatess

    Kernel: 3.18.42+untangle8

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    Reply from support

    "Thanks for reporting this. I tested and confirmed the same behavior on one of our test units and escalated to our engineers. They found the issue and fixed it manually on your appliance. We will have a permanent fix in the next upgrade of 13."

    I guess if people need this fix beforehand, they can raise a support case.

    Thanks Support

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