Hi all,
I've started seeing a lot more errors in my SSL Inspector logs. The most common are:
Server SSL decrypt exception: Input SSL/TLS record too big: max = 33305 len = 61257 (that one's from untangle.com) and "Client SSL decrypt exception: Received fatal alert: unknown_ca CERT: FB094106FEC363E42EBC7B34431FF05AB0176E25" - the majority of those errors were resolved when I added the Sonos speakers and wireless access point to specific IGNORE rules.

Is the max length error for SSL/TLS records related to TLS 1.3? If not, how do I change the max record length from 33305 to something larger?

Additionally, even with the certificates installed correctly, I've had to disable it completely for some activities. The ones I can remember include downloading a new app from the Windows Store, and having to manually add the certificate from our local Sheriff's department to Untangle so I could access the alarm permit site.