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    Default SSL Inspector and TLS Spam and Phishing Filters

    Good Afternoon,

    Part of this question is outside Untangle's usual support scope so I thought I would post here as well for any crazies that also have attempted this.

    We are looking at using SSL Inspector on our TLS traffic in order to filter out spam that is sneaking past the Untangle's filter (as it's currently set to pass all TLS traffic). I'm trying to get a better handle on the certificate process to allow TLS to function along side Exchange 2016. Without the SSL Inspector TLS just doesn't function as I'm sure you're aware.

    This is my understanding of the process, please let me know of any gotcha's or mistakes that you are aware of. First, the root TLS certificate has to be setup on the Untangle (no missing IP's etc.) then the cert is downloaded and installed using the installer or manually in the trusted certificates section. Once this is complete, the TLS Inspector is enabled (only for SMTPS in our case) and the mail should continue to flow normally.

    Once this is verified, I could then turn off the pass TLS from the Spam and Phishing filters. In theory, at this point, the entire system would be up and running correctly.

    Any insight into this is greatly appreciated. I'll be sure to post up any additional findings to help future people with this same endeavor.

    Thanks Much!

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    Yes, you are correct.

    Unfortunately in practice, we've seen this can be very difficult to get working and difficult to troubleshoot. I wouldn't really recommend it to be honest, but yes its supposed to work.
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