I have a user who wants to create phone apps (MS PowerApps is too limiting), so I installed Android Studio 3.6 by Google LLC on their computer. If you are familiar with Development Kits, you know that they pull data from websites constantly. They also have a free "workspace" so to speak called Firebase. This program uses SSL to communicate, but it is being blocked. I found info that says to allow *.google.com and *.android.com. I did that and still blocked. I looked at the SSL Report and saw a bunch of Abandoned sessions similar to this: ("ABANDONED Client SSL decrypt exception: Received fatal alert: certificate_unknown CERT: C63E93AB252B06112FF9D361FB2E8928912C2746") There are dozens of Server IPs that a lookup says belong to Google. I started multiple chat sessions with Untangle support and they were NOT supportive. Tried to blame my root certificate, so I sent a screenshot of thousands of sessions from that same computer NOT being Abandoned. Then they told me to move the Google Ignore rule to the top of all the other Ignore Rules (I have 70 Ignore rules and 1 Inspect All rule). That doesn't make sense to me. What I am missing here??