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    Default SSL Inspector Blocks Google

    I have turned on SSL Inspector and although I can access a web site if I type in the URL, I cannot search using Google because I get a TLS error. I cannot push through the certificate.
    The rule set is set to inspect only, however I get this error. If I uncheck Google in the inspection rule set I have no issues.
    I did find a very long 8 page posting (2020) talking of this in the forum but my use case does not match what I believe the issue was for that posting which seemed to be how to use wildcard characters.
    Currently I run SSL Inspector bypassing Google.

    I am running Untangle 16.2.0 and I am able to replicate this behaviour on an IPad Pro, Mac Book Pro and a Win 10 PC.

    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Google has implemented anti-MITM features so SSL inspection is not possible.
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    Thanks for the quick response and informative answer.
    I did not find this posting when I searched the forums.

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    Would it be possible if Untangle would implement something like this:
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    All my kids ended up getting Chrome books for the school year.

    I had to turn off SSL inspection to get them to work.

    With that being said, I do find the Web Filter still does a good job.

    It does make life easier as I don't have to deploy the cert to each and every device.
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