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    Default Log reputation and Threat Lookup mismatch - Moderate and Suspicious blocked as High

    I've found that a lot of addresses blocked in my log as "High Risk" reputation are only "Suspicious" or even "Moderate Risk" when I look them up with the built in Threat Lookup.

    For example in my log is blocked as "High Risk"
    In the threat lookup it is "Suspicious" and Recent Threat Count is 0
    In it's at 0%

    I found 5 IP's like this on just one page of my log and I only checked half of the entries.

    For what possible reason would Threat Lookup and the Threat Prevention Firewall use different sources of data for threat levels? The data used for the Threat Lookup seems to be way more accurate.

    I tried setting Reputation Threshold to max and then used a rule to just block high risk with certain categories but it's not even accurate enough for that.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    IP reputation is not the same as URL. An IP can have multiple domains associated with it.
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    I'm not sure what URL you are referring to, if it's that I mentioned in my post that's just another IP abuse lookup tool that showed the IP as low risk.

    Or are you saying that for some things like SMTP it's not checking just the IP but the sending domain? If that's the case then I think reports like Non-Web Blocked Events should include the domain that was evaluated and not just the IP.

    My question is why does the the Threat Lookup tool and the Non-Web Blocked Events show different reputation information for the same IP? Is Threat Prevention taking some data into account (sending domain for example) that does not show up in the Threat Lookup Tool? If so then whatever extra criteria is being evaluated needs to be in the log.

    Sorry if original post was unclear

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