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    Default Monitor Untangle for new releases via email without forcing upgrade

    Using the Untangle firewall, you may want to know of updates available but not have them automatically applied. I wrote a quick script to do just that which daily, emails you the result. It gets the latest version of the of the script from the server and updates itself accordingly.

    To install it, do a su to go root, or preface each of the following commands with a sudo, followed by:

    cd /root/

    mkdir versionmonitor

    cd versionmonitor


    chmod +x


    If you get errors about locale and means your locales has not been configured. Several Untangle systems I've worked on are missing the localedef file in /usr/bin/. To fix, enter the following:

    aptitude reinstall glib6

    dpkg-reconfigure locales


    Now rerun the file. It will reinstall a cron.daily file to get the latest version and then run the script.

    It simply runs a check using aptitude to see what's available for upgrades, then mails the results to the defined email administrator on the system. Modify to suit your needs.
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    Haven't tried it, but sounds like a nice option that should be build into UT.

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    Nice tip, thanks!

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