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    Default Off Site Backups

    With all the news about ransomware these days, I'm curious what the experts here recommend for off site backup services. I'm looking for myself (household) as well as my customers. I'm pretty sure that my restaurant customers' POS backups are local to another terminal. This probably isn't good but the POS systems are not my responsibility, however, they are on the same network as the back office PCs.

    I'm looking for full service where I could theoretically set ut and forget it until the worse happens. Hopefully, I started this thread in the appropriate section. Thanks

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    Let's see...

    If you have a Windows based system with FTP on it you want to manage yourself, I find Shadow Protect works really well.

    That being said, with the time investment required to maintain it, Datto. Datto all the things.

    Though recently I've seen some interesting things with Veeam when aimed at Amazon too. But dang Datto makes it so easy, seriously... worth it. Can get a human on the phone at 2am in 5 seconds if you need.

    Storagecraft does have a cloud thing you can buy credits for... but it's basically Datto in price with half the support.
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