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    Default Handling Windows Update traffic

    Hi Guys

    Just wondered if anyone has come up with a good way to handle windows update traffic - either by throttling it or directing it to a specific WAN?

    Clearly i can set a rule by IP address to direct it over a specific WAN, but for me, the updates seem to come from so many varied IP addresses it would probably never be watertight.



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    Why not web cache? Can be useful for this as well as the other updates (anti virus signatures, adobe, and so)
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    No... that's what WSUS is for, use Web Cache on Windows updates at your own peril, especially these huge update rollups MS is putting out.

    Or when when working with Win10 to just enable the local torrent system, which is on by default by the way, each machine on the LAN will share updates with each other. But even THAT is risky, I lost an entire building full of computers in August thanks to that, a corrupted download propagated and splat.

    For the OP, you're correct the IP addresses are constantly changing because Windows updates are delivered via a network of CDNs. If you need to control consumption you either need Windows 10, then you just hit settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update -> Advanced Options -> Delivery Optimization. Turn it on, and tell it PCs on my local network.

    Or... you deploy WSUS

    Both solutions rather stink, you can try Web Cache but my experience with it for this purpose wasn't positive either, all those IP changes you report mess it up too. Doens't end up saving you much.
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    Wsus will work fine, at least i never experienced a problem since 2007 that i use it.

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