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    Default Skype for business wont sign in

    I have installed untangle at home. Its external interface is the DMZ host my router points to and passes the public IP address to and my ISP gives it DHCP'd public address. The inside is a single private /23 which untangle is the DHCP server for.

    Its working fine except for skype for business.
    To check, I did a fresh install with no apps at all and skype for business still wont sign in.
    If I add Config->Network->Bypass Rule for my PC source address and destination TCP port 443 the Skype for business will sign in and work. I can see that when this is in place only NAT happens to my SFB flows.
    But clearly I'd prefer not to have to bypass all 443 TCP traffic for this host.

    I have searched all the reports for anything blocked.
    I can see that Application Control Rules allow the blocking of non HTTPS traffic on 443, but this rule isnt turned on (and at one point Application Control wasn't even installed)

    Can anyone tell me how to report all the discards for 443 port and what discarded them? Perhaps the advanced Packet Test will give me a clue but is that the only option I have to dig in?

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