To clarify, I'm running a Zotac CI327 including mechanical hard drive of unknown provenance vs a full house Dell server with an SSD cluster. Obviously on a home network and barely idling, and I'm completely satisfied with interface performance from a web browser. I'm not inclined to install an SSD or M2 drive, its not required in my case. I have everything turned on because I can, but obviously this network is not carrying a lot of traffic.

This is why I'm wondering if the performance issues reported in this post are either network related or potentially something to do with the SSD cluster configuration. With that much horsepower, things should happen instantaneously.

A design question for my own information, on big multiprocessor network appliances on dedicated hardware, its common to dedicate one processor to the OS/GUI to ensure there is no management lockout if the device is flat out processing (IDP/SSL inspectors etc).

Is this a thing that's part of the untangle design - given that its effectively hardware agnostic.