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    Lightbulb configuring Gmail for E-mail reports for personal use.

    Since the "cloud hosted mail relay server" option for NGFW has been constipated,
    I wanted to review a light-hearted success story with (free) Google mail.

    Now, Google has a matrix on how to send to their SMTP servers for G Suite but this becomes hard to interpret for plain Gmail. But there were good clues. I am showing a zen-enlightened path to success - well, not really. A blind squirrel just found a nut. Or is it the other way around?

    See Send email from a printer, scanner, or app from "G Suite Admin Help".

    Because I have 2-step Verification enabled, we will be using Google's 'App passwords' for authentication.
    This is NOT negotiable, kids - you need to turn on 2-factor authentication (2FA) for all UR apps, or they will belong to them bad kidz.

    We will use the Gmail SMTP server;

    I can send to any one of the following ports:
    • 25
    • 465 (SSL required)
    • 587 (TLS required)

    We will avoid port 25 because 'Here, thar be dragons Arrr'. And, if the restraint transfers from G Suite documentation, we Must use TLS in order to authenticate. So port 587 it is. (Oh - it just happens to work, also).

    Your full Gmail or G Suite email address is required for authentication.
    Here are some hints to set up the App password: Sign in using App Passwords
    This also looks OK:

    Go To and sign in.

    @ NGFW Outgoing Email Server:
    • Configure your on-premise outbound email server (Untangle, Exim) to point to Server Hostname
    • Untangle must use Server Port: 587.
    • "Use Authentication:" will need to be checked.
    • Use your Gmail email account user name for the Login: field.
    • Use your shiny new, dedicated, one-time App Password in the Password: field.
    • The Untangle Server will send email from this address.: {some E-mail}@{whatever domain}. It doesn't matter Because, the Email will actually be sent From: the authenticated Gmail user account.

    Note: When you enter the sixteen character password into the NGFW config Password: field, do not enter the (white)spaces.

    That's all, Folks

    I hope this doesn't confuse anyone - Enjoy!

    P.S.: if you are setting up a new Gmail account to get this done, be sure to log into Gmail for the first time and get past the Captcha before getting your App Password into Untangle. Now that I think about it, this makes little sense, so NVM. But if you get locked-out of your account due to Google Magic, you might need this step later.
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