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    Default Multiple Destination IP Addresses in Single Rule?

    It appears that you can only include one condition like Source or Destination IP Address in a given VPN Tunnel Rule. I haven't found any way to do this. It makes sense to me to be able to group devices and/or other conditions logically into conplex rules, but perhaps this is just how my brain works.

    Will there be a way in the future to define more than one of these condiitons per rule?

    As part of this the conditions list for rules would need to be augmented. It would be best to have two sections to allow a more complex set of conditions to be met. An example rule would be like what I have listed below.

    Description: Don't Tunnel

    Any Set of Conditions: If any of the following conditions met

    a. Destination IP Address is
    b. Destination IP Address or
    c. Destination IP Address or
    d. Destination IP Address or
    e. Destination Port is 80
    f. Destination Port or 443

    All Set of Conditions: If all of the following conditions are met

    a. Source IP Address is
    b. Client Tagged is bypass_tunnel
    c. Protocol is TCP

    Perform the Following Actions: Destination Tunnel = Route normally

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    In a single rule, all conditions are AND. In other words, all the conditions must be met for the action to be performed. If you want "OR" then create separate rules.
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    I guess I should have just tried adding more than one source or destination IP address in a rule. Looks like this works fine.

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