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    Default Internet Traffic stops being routed over tunnel - VPN stays up

    I have a 2 site setup, both using Untangle.

    1 site is setup as OpenVPN server, with a profile configured as "Network" with subnet details for the 2nd site.

    On the 2nd site I have TunnelVPN setup to connect to the other site.

    Routing works perfectly. Devices on both sites can reach each other.

    I enabled one of the default rules to "route all traffic over any tunnel"

    This works perfectly fine, for about a day? Maybe less. So all clients internet traffic exits the site 1 internet.

    Once it stops working, the tunnel still shows as UP, and both sites can still reach clients on either end. So tunnel is routing traffic.

    Internet bound traffic however now exists the local circuit instead. Despite all rules still being active.

    Rebooting untangle, or even just turning on/off the tunnelVPN app routes internet back through remote site fine.

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    I have now observed this behaviour on 2 separate pairs of Untangle servers.
    Both setup with one using OpenVPN server and the other with TunnelVPN client.

    after roughly 15-24 hrs (not sure the exact timing) the Internet traffic will start routing locally again, while the tunnel remains UP.

    Traffic from both sites can still reach remote clients at the other site, but internet for clients at the TunnelVPN site routes local.
    Turning on/off the TunnelVPN site fixes it again.

    This was on 2 brand new build 14.2 boxes.

    Anybody else observed this?

    I am feeding TunnelVPN a VPN profile configured as "Network" on the server side, with the subnet of that site specified at the server.

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