Dear Untangle

Great firewall, great options, wonderfull product, but I have a problem that I cannon find the anwser to on DrGoogle or this great forum.

Problem: I need all website traffic that Webfilter tagges (in group: "Health and Medicine" and "Reference and Research"), to go through one specifik VPN connection.


I have tried to use the Application Control app.
But I see no way of adding websites or what Webfilter tagges the traffic, to a rule that is userable on the tunned VPN setting.

Currenty I can only tag the traffic, that is detected correctly, but no way of using that "tagged" information to route traffic throuh the VPN tunnel.

I have no problem adding domains manually to a list, that would route the traffic through that correct VPN, but I also see no way of duing that.

a solution could be, manually adding distination IP's to a very long and dynamic list, but a solution that is not "smart".
But since "Website filter" has the information, is there a way to joining the two apps?

an example of one of the website needing ths routing is, and similar website.