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    Question Webserver through tunnel

    Remote VPS Server:
    Public IP (x.x.x.x)
    OpenVPN Server (
    l |
    l |
    l |
    l |
    Untangle Server:
    VPN Client IP:
    Internal Network IP: 192.168.0.X
    l |
    l |
    l |
    l |
    Web Server:
    Internal Network IP:
    Web server running on port 80, Accessible from the internal network

    I can't seem to figure out how to access the webserver through my vps IP. Tried different portforwarding rules but nothing seems to work.

    It would be great if I could got some help :-)
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    I would run packet test on port 80 to see if the Untangle is even seeing the forwards from your VPN service.
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