I'm using Untangle 14.2.2 and have the Tunnel VPN active. One of my top rules in Tunnel VPN is
Client Tagged => no-tunnel    Route Normally
. However that rule doesn't work as expected, because for my main PC that doesn't have any tags( and hasn't for days or weeks) it kicks in and bypasses the tunnel. For other devices on my network it works as expected.

I found out that is was this rule by creating another temporary tunnel rule to force my PC through the tunnel and moved it up in the rule list until I saw, when it became effective. So it is definitely the rule above that is the culprit.

To further test this I also created a firewall rule to check the tag "no-tunnel" and the firewall app doesn't see my PC as tagged, so that app is working correctly.

I have tagged my PC as "no-tunnel" in the past for test purposes, though I don't remember, if I explicitly deleted the tag or let it expire. It certainly hasn't been tagged for quite a while and no tags are showing up for it either in the Hosts or Devices tab.

Any idea, what's going wrong here with the Tunnel VPN app? Or am I possibly making some mistake?