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    Default Virus Blocker Question

    Does the Virus Blocker only scan emails with attachments?

    I have McAfee on the Exchange server and it sometimes detects the virus "W32/Zhelatin.gen!eml" which looks to be something in the body of the email rather than a file attachment. Is this something that Virus Blocker should be detecting? The McAfee Groupshield details for this detection are:

    Detected Item detail
    Date/time 16 January 2008 08:51:02
    Subject Celebrate Your Independence
    Sender "" <>
    Recipients Jon Smith
    Reason Anti-Virus
    Virus found W32/Zhelatin.gen!eml
    Quarantined item 1
    Result Replaced
    Scanned by OnAccess (VSAPI)
    Size 1 KB
    Detected file [Message Body]


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    Depending on settings, it should. You didn't mention whether that's incoming or outgoing. Addresses on spams/viruses usually being bogus, its good to check that, as well as the activity in spam blocker, paying attention to the direction and your settings for each direction. Also, while I can't make a blanket statement, it would be interesting to see how other Virus Blockers handle that message. Read into that what you want...

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    If I send an email from a web account (ie an inbound email) I do not see it appear in the Virus Blocker Event Log, unless the email has an attachment. It does appear (as clean) in the Phish Blocker & Spam Blocker Event Log.

    So I guess my question should be, is there an app that checks for bad links within SMTP emails? (I don't think the Spyware Blocker checks SMTP for URLs).


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